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Published on July 26th, 2015 | by Grant Barnard


What Type Of Deck Stain Will Last The Longest? Best Lasting Deck Stain

There are many companies that claim their stain is superior. You don’t figure this out until its far too late! We do the most deck staining in Indianapolis, Fishers, Carmel, Zionsville and Greenwood Indiana so you can certainly trust our advise.

Expectations Of Deck Stain

Setting appropriate expectation for deck stain is the first priority. There is no deck stain that will last forever or seal your deck forever. There are no secrets and no magic sauce stain. However, the best ones make NO CLAIMS of some crazy amount of time that the stain will last.

How long will the deck stain last?

This is a question that I get ALL THE TIME. How long the stain lasts can depend on many things like hours of sun exposure for example. There is a big difference between a deck that gets 14 hours of sun in the summers or another deck that is blocked by a tree or house for part of the day and only receives a cool 6-8 hours. Other factors can include PH of the wood and rain, microorganism activity such as algae and fungus that may be growing in the lawn, temperature in which the stain was completed, usage patterns, type of wood, improper cleaning methods and damaging chemicals. Generally a high use deck will need a fresh coat every two years.

Lasting Options For Staining Your Deck

  • Solid Color Stain & Enamel Deck Paint – If applied correctly this will be your longest lasting option because ALL of the harmful sun rays are blocked out. However, this is also the most expensive initial investment if actually applied correctly. Suggested Product: Pittsburg Ultra Solid Color Stain or Glidden Porch & Floor Enamel.
  • Oil Based Toners & Semi Transparent Stain – Oil based stains tend to loose color and beauty sooner than a water-based of the same quality. The positive is that the deck stain will seal the deck much better. Suggested product Gemini TWP or Armstrong Stain.
  • Water Based Toners & Semi Transparent Stain – Water based stains won’t fade as much but are harder to do maintenance coatings on. Suggested product: Pittsburg Ultra Stain.

Maintenance Coat Application Of Deck Stain

  • Solid Color Stain & Enamel Deck Paint – Application of maintenance coats are simple as rolling a wall.
  • Oil Based Toners & Semi Transparent Stain – This is almost fail safe just as long as you don’t over-apply the stain. Oil based stains also can be stripped with more ease.
  • Water Based Toners & Semi Transparent Stain – Maintenance coats with semi transparent stains will require a professional deck staining company to pretty much do the same process that was done in the first place.

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