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Published on May 17th, 2015 | by Grant Barnard


TWP 1500 Semi Transparent Stain Review

The internet carries a ton of reviews on TWP1500 exterior stain. Some say its great and some say it sucks and there is some kind of public information scam here. TWP 1500 is an oil based stain that can be used in “low-VOC states” like here in Indiana. Grants Painting provides fence and deck staining in Indianapolis, Fishers, Zionsville, Greenwood, Westfield and Noblesville. We use many brands of stain for different projects. TWP 1500 is one of our favorite stains to use for deck staining on decks without prior application of a water based stain.

The Benefits Of Using TWP 1500Deck Staining

  • TWP 1500 is a quality semi transparent stain that will protect against graying very well.
  • TWP 1500 is an oil based stain that will protect against water damage longer.
  • TWP 1500 leaves a sort of “rubbed finish” if applied correctly. This finish is absorbed into the wood instead of forming a coating on top that will crack and chip off!!!  THAT’S HUGE!!!
  • TWP 1500 gives a finish that is more beautiful than most other stains.
  • TWP 1500 is a very easy to do a maintenance coat on as opposed to water based stains that always require more prep work.

Disadvantages Of TWP 1500 Semi Transparent Stain

There is only one disadvantage to using TWP. It is the same downfall that all oil stains have compared to waterborne or waterbased stains. Oil based stains fade and oxidize sooner leaving a finish that needs a maintenance coating. However, the maintenance coatings will not build up to a coating that will fail like the waterbased stains will over many coats.

When To Use TWP 1500 And When Not To

  • TWP 1500 should only be used on a new deck or fence, or on a surface that has previously only had oil based stain.
  • TWP 1500 should never be used over water based stain. Even if there is only a small amount of water based stain on the vertical surfaces.






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Grant Barnard started painting in 2000 and started Grants Painting in 2008. Originally doing business in northern Indiana, the business was moved to Indianapolis and Greenwood shortly after. Today the Grants Painting has blossomed into a reputable painting contracting company with an ever growing extensive website including our How To DIY Articles. Grants Painting covers all aspects of coatings and specialized in epoxy flooring, interior painting, exterior painting and cabinet painting.

  • sharon smith

    I have a log cabin, 8×8 oak logs that I want to preserve yet not really color. Do you recomment TWP 1500 for this?

    • Grant Barnard

      Yes. Both the naturaltone and cedartone add slight color with very good water protection. Darker colors protect against graying slightly better.

  • Ryan Schable

    You mention a maintenance coat for TWP. In you area how frequently is it necessary? And what type of prep is required before applying additional coats? I ask because I remember hearing that second coats should be applied wet. That and I have a deck with TWP that might need some touch up. Thanks Grant!

  • Amy

    I want to use TWP on the exterior of my barn. However, we used a water based sealer/stain the first time and it is now flaking after about a year. I know I will need to do a lot of prep work this time before sealing again. Is it ok to prep with stripper/cleaner/wood brightner then use the oil based TWP? The wood is graying already and I’d like to restore some of that color.

  • Steve S.

    After hours of research, I rejoiced when I found your post about TWP. I have used TWP 100 on new decks several times with great success. However, I have been reluctant in considering TWP 1500 for staining my new, southern pine 1″x12″ hand-hewed lap siding and trim.
    Also, I am considering using closed-end foam insulation and wondered about using a stain that does not allow the exterior wood to breath.
    I would greatly appreciate your advice.
    Many thanks,

  • Laura

    I have made several trips to a WI Menards to find the right semi-transparent color of stain and oil product. I have a pine sided-barn that was preserved (transparent cedar-redwood) with X100 15 yrs ago (new then). I am power washing it first. Which product will be more durable Pittsburgh Advanced semi-transparent stain (water-based oil), CWF oil (real oil, but they don’t have a redwood color–can I add a reddish-brown pigment?) or another suggestion. TWP 100 is difficult to get, they won’t ship to IL.
    Thanks for your expert opinion 🙂

    • You can get 1500re from twp instead of the 100 version.

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