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Published on April 11th, 2015 | by Grant Barnard


Should I Wait For House Painting In My New House? Wait A Year?

Cracks and nail pops will of course tarnish your hard house painting work. However most home do not settle too much. Cracks and nail pops appear due to the wood studs shrinking. When painting your new home, consider the wood that was used to build the home. If you are in the Indianapolis and in need of a House Painting Company please consider hiring us! Grants Painting delivers the best house painting in Indianapolis.

With House Painting A New House Its About The Season It Was Built

New homes are built year round. The wood used is always delivered a few weeks before they build the new home. When painting a new home the drywall needs to be good and dry but the studs must be too. Its always a good idea to run a humidifier in your new house for the first year before or after your house painting project.

Summer Built Home

Summer built homes are what is needed for the best results in your house painting project. Hot weather allows for the wood to be dried out. This prevents the drywall from cracking and nails or screws from popping when the wood shrinks or twists.

Winter Built Home

Winter built homes where built using wood that is still very wet and even slightly frozen. This of course causes the frame of the home to shift when boards are drying out. In turn there will be nail pops and cracks in the walls if the drywall was hung right away without the boards given time to dry.

House Painting After One Year

So if you have a winter built home and you are now doing your house painting after the first year. First thing is to find all the nail pops with a flash light and fix them. This is easy. Take a screw driver and place it on the pop. Then hit it with a hammer and push the nail into the drywall as hard as you can. Scrape off the cracked drywall mud that was on the nail. Fill with spackling of your choice and move on to the next one. Cracks are a little harder to deal with and should usually be handled by a professional house painting company.

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