Indianapolis and Greenwood Residential Services

At Grants Painting we can assure you that hiring us as your professional painter will not be a mistake. No other residential painter in the Indianapolis and Greenwood, IN can offer the top quality paint job at a reasonable cost than Grants Painting can. Whether your needs are for an interior painter or exterior painter – Call Grants Painting today for your FREE Painting Estimate. Schedule Online! here

Grants Painting is proud to offer these residential painting services and more:

Choosing the right colors

We Understand that it is very difficult to choose the best paint colors. Grant’s Painting has the tools and knowledge to help with your painting color selection. We also refer the best interior design consultants if your needs are more than choosing paint colors. See our Color Consultation Page for more information and resources about color selection.


Prepping is the crucial start for any paint job. We will be sure that proper steps are taken to guarantee a lasting and beautiful finished job. At Grants Painting, our painters will ensure that every trouble area will be addressed with the proper application and steps. Not only will your painted house look great, it will last too.


Our painters have the tools and knowledge to choose the best application for your home. We are the painting company that is the right choice when you are looking for value. Our employees many years of experience will make sure your painting job will be completed beautifully.  The product knowledge that we have and resources available to us will provide the best finished product that can’t be beat by any other painting contractor.

Grants Painting has helped many clients achieve incredible interior and exterior paint finishes. From our painters applying the first coat of interior paint in a newly constructed home or redecorating your current home. You can always count on Grant’s Painting to provide a superior finish and beautiful results. Call today for your free painting estimate. We are the painting contractor for you.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

When painting your home. Grants Painting will always be sure that you are satisfied with the appearance as well as have a lasting beauty. Quite simply we guarantee that another painting contractor cannot deliver a better house painting job for a better price. Although you may find a cheaper price, it will not compare apples to apples. Please read our article on Hiring a Painting Contractor.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the best service to our Greenwood and Indianapolis customers. We strive to provide the best finished job for your money. We do this whether you know it or not. Many times you can’t see issues or problems in areas until long after the painter is gone. When hiring Grants Painting as your painting contractor, you will see us display these qualities:

  • Integrity and Honesty – These terms seem to mean the same thing at first glance. Honesty is when we tell you we are using the best products and tools. Integrity is the fact that we have done our homework on product knowledge and we actually know what the best product is.
  • Craftsmanship and Quality Control – Grants Painting considers the job done when the job is done properly. We will never use substandard products or methods to complete your painting service.
  • Cleanliness and Safety – A clean and safe work site is mandatory, whether it is a residential house painting job or a commercial office painting. We will always be sure to keep our insurance in tact and follow OSHA rules and regulations to keep the customer out of any liability that could arise.
  • Privacy Policy – Grants Painting Privacy Policy is simple. We only use any information we collect for business conducted directly with our customers. We NEVER sell any information. The only instance that information may be released is for referrals, only if previously discussed with you. All information learned incidentally will be protected and never released in any circumstance. This sites activities are monitored and tracked by Google Analytics Tracking Codes and by other programs. Analytics information is never shared and IP addresses are not displayed.


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