Privacy Policy

Grants Painting Privacy Policy is simple. We only use any information we collect for business conducted directly with our customers. We NEVER sell any information. The only instance that information may be released is for referrals, only if previously discussed with you.

Nobody wants the issues associated with your information being spread around. Junk emails, phone solicitors, and fraud scams are just the start. Grants Painting protects your information and never shares any of your personal information with anybody else.

Privacy In Your Home

All information learned incidentally will be protected and never released in any circumstance.

Your home is your home. That should always hold true! Nobody deserves to be judged on their own property and certainly for something generally “out of context”.

Digital Privacy Policy

This sites activities are monitored and tracked by Google Analytics Tracking Codes and by other programs. Analytics information is never shared and IP addresses are not displayed.

This is gibber jabber for… We track how customers view and use our website on a very large scale anonymous basis. Some of this information might include how many pages people visit on average and how long they stay on any certain page and what search engine they came from.


Your privacy and respect of your home is our priority. We never want to disrespect our welcome. Trust that Grants Painting will complete your painting with skill and professional painters respecting you and your home.

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