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Power Washing / Pressure Washing

Grants Painting is now offering power washing in Indianapolis, from Greenwood to Fishers! Grants Painting has always offered pressure washing to our painting customers throughout Indianapolis. Now we have the best pressure washer setup to perform any pressure washing task that you need.

Power Washing – Indianapolis, Greenwood, Fishers, Noblesville, Zionsville, Westfield, Carmel

Our normal power washing service area for painting includes much more area than our pressure washing  service area. This is because our pressure washing equipment includes a 535 gallon tank that can be towed.
Call us or Schedule your own appointment to find out if you are in the service area.

Why Our Indianapolis Power Washing Is Better

  1. Correct  Pressure Settings – The pressure level is important. Too high of pressure can mark or destroy parts of your home or even blow off your siding. Wood can be shredded and the paint and caulk will surely be destroyed.
  2. GPM – Gallons Per Minute – The amount of water used is also important. High volume of water cleans efficiently so we don’t need to use damaging high pressure.
  3. Detergents – There are many exterior house cleaning chemicals that can make cleaning your exterior safe. Some cleaners can damage rubber and vinyl seals, caulking and the paint that seals your home from the elements. The proper cleaner will clean the worst stains with moderate pressure. Grants Painting knows what cleaners to use when power washing your home. We use several proprietary cleaning recipes that can include polymers to leave your vinyl siding shining like Brand New!
  4. Technique – Technique is important. The most common power washer damage that we have seen is when the operator stopped on one spot while very close to the surface. We would never let a non trained employee shoot high pressure water directly at your home. Let our experienced and trained staff power wash your home safely.
  5. World Class System – Most pressure washers that you can get at big box stores deliver a higher pressure than water flow.  Our power washers are capable of higher pressure than those units but we have the ability to adjust the pressure while maintaining 9 to 11 gallons per minute.
  6. Pricing –  Because we are able to run more efficiently, we can also offer you more value for your hard earned dollar.
  7. Water Usage – We also use less of your water! 535 gallons less to be precise, because we bring our own water.

It Is Important To Hire A Professional Company For Power Washing

The damage that can be caused to your home by incorrect power washing can be much more than you may think. The damage to the home is also usually permanent. Don’t just use any ol’ handyman to pressure wash your home! Choose Grants Painting to protect, beautify and protect your homes value. T many times have we seen damage that was caused by incorrect power washing techniques, chemicals and machinery.


  • Left – On the left you see correct psi usage and correct washing technique. The cement is being cleaned without pushing dirt into the surface  or leaving damaging power washing marks.
  • Right – On the right you see too little GPM and too high of pressure. The problem is being compounded by incorrect pressure washing technique. This will leave a very uneven surface with burns and start/stop marks. The wood is being damaged and the marks will show through even on a solid color stain.

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