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Published on March 2nd, 2013 | by Grant Barnard


How To Paint The Exterior Of Your Home DIY

Painting the exterior of your home can appear very difficult at first. However if you know the proper steps to painting the exterior of your home, it seems very easy and feasible to DIY. For safety reasons, we must always suggest a professional exterior painting contractor.

Easy Steps To Doing Your Own Exterior Painting

Prep The Exterior

Obviously the first step to painting the exterior of your home is to properly Prep The Exterior. Please read our article on this to be sure that this step is done properly.

Choose the Proper Exterior Paint

The proper paint system is crucial. You may decide to use a primer if your home is in dire need for repair or you simply would like a longer lasting paint job. Spot priming areas can also be sufficient if you are using a high quality paint. Usually it is best to use the primer from the same line of paint, however, a special primer may be needed. Refer to our Choosing Primers for special situation. We always use PPG Acri Shield for exteriors.

Picking Exterior Colors

Having the best color scheme can make a huge difference in your exterior paint. Spending all the time in the world to make sure that you have the proper amount of paint in the proper places wont make you happy with the finished product if you don’t like the color. Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Exterior House Painting Methods

There are two choices for methods to exterior painting. You can brush and roll or spray. Most homeowners will find it both difficult to operate a sprayer and expensive to rent. Even with spraying the exterior of your home is usually best to back roll. Read Brush and Roll OR Spray for further advice.

Start With Painting The Difficult Areas First

Starting with the hardest areas helps to finish a large project without letting it get you down. This can include the highest areas of gable peaks or problem areas that need more attention.

Painting The Exterior Of A Very Large Home

Painting a very large home can be extremely daunting for a DIY’er. We suggest to break the home into smaller sides. This can be helpful because you can concentrate on the hardest hit areas of a home first. This also makes it less likely for you to leave your home in a disarray of unfinished work.

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  • Painting the whole house is really hard! Thanks for this guidelines!

  • Better quality paints give you more square footage per gallon, longer life, easier touch ups and better results. As myself being an interior decorator it really helped me a lot. Waiting for your next post.

  • steve

    after stripping polyeurthane and stain from an exterior door what type of primer should I use before I paint it. Are should I just paint without priming the door?

    • Grants Painting

      Steve. You should be able to paint without a primer as long as its a very high quality paint. If its getting hit by sun then go ahead and prime with a quality bonding primer. Best way to tell is to do a test spot and see if it sticks. If the door is smooth a light sanding might be in order too.

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