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Published on January 25th, 2013 | by Grant Barnard


How To Paint Over Wood Paneling

Painting over paneling can make a HUGE difference in updating any room. Its not the easiest paint job but its much faster and cheaper than ripping it down and installing drywall. Some paneling is more difficult to paint than other. However it can all be painted with these easy steps. Grants Painting can professionally paint your paneling in the Indianapolis Area.

  1. Lightly sand the paneling – Use a grit that will “get into it” a bit but NOT make huge scrapes. You just Painting Over Wood Panelingwant to take some of the gloss and grime off. If you use a power sander stay at 100+ grit. An 80 grit will work for most sponge or pole sanders. Use your best judgement, some paneling is softer than others.
  2. Prime the paneling – Water based primers are generally are a poor choice for painting paneling. They don’t adhere as well and don’t block most dyes used in paneling. Personally I like BIN Primer which is an alcohol based primer. Its designed to dry before anything can soak through it. A quick dry oil based primer will also do well but breathing the solvent in oil is much worse than the alcohol.
  3. Painting the paneling – Use ONLY the best paint. That does not necessarily mean a 2 in 1 paint. Start with cutting in the ceiling and trim like you normally would. Use a roller that is thick enough to get the paint in the cracks. Just like in the picture. Do this for both painting And priming the paneling.

UPDATE 4-21-13 for painting paneling with Breakthrough

We now suggest the product of Breakthrough. Its now a PPG paints product. We just used it over a clear coating on wainscoting. This product totally amazed us! After we sanded the clear coat down to a dull surface and applied a small amount for an adhesion test. After 12 hours we took a key to it and actually marred the wood BEFORE we took any of the coating off. After two thin coats the wainscoting looks beautiful. Although the “409″ smell was somewhat nauseating, we will now use this instead of the aforementioned process. However, we have not tested this with some paneling that will let dyes bleed through the coating. Breakthrough certainly claims that it has superior blocking technology and we have found their other claims to be somewhat undersold. So… 

Extra Tips and Tricks for Painting Paneling

  • Use a nylon or nylon mix roller
  • Your Roller should be 1/2 in nap or bigger
  • Have the BIN Primer SHAKEN at the STORE. Make sure to shake it again every time you pour some out
  • If the dye soaks through the primer, wait for it to dry and re prime
  • Remember if you are using BIN primer… Denatured Alcohol is what you clean up with
  • Let the roller dry up when you are done. The solvent is more costly than a few cheap rollers
  • OR Call Grants Painting in Greenwood IN and Indianapolis IN

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