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Published on December 21st, 2013 | by Grant Barnard


How To Paint Over Stains – Crayon Marker Pen Makeup Blood

Painting over stains can  be difficult without the proper primers. Some stains cover just fine and some wall stains will show through the paint within minutes. Crayon, marker, pen, makeup and blood are usually isolated to just a few spots so we use primers in spray paint cans. The primer paint cans dry quickly and work effectively without having to clean a brush or roller. These primers do come in gallons  pints as well. Grants Painting is an Indianapolis painter Homepage

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Oderless Paint Primer Stain Cover Primer Paint Can BIN Primer Spray Can


Use The Proper Primer To Cover Stains

The correct primer to cover a stain is imperative. Some will work for most or all stains and some are just more friendly to your situation. We mainly use Zinsser spray can primers as they have a solution for every situation and are available at every Menards in spray paint primer cans and pints and gallons.

Odorless Zinsser Primer Review

  • Odor – Yes this primer option is odorless. This is a great solution for anybody that is sensitive to VOC’s and other smells or scents.  This option also will work for any stain, but isn’t the absolute best for any stain. We use this solution in customers residential homes the most.
  • Blocking – Best for blocking all stains including crayon and makeup and where odorless oil is needed. Stain blocking of this primer is acceptable but dry time is an issue. We use two lighter coats to fit into our accelerated schedules.
  • Dry Time – Dry time on this product is the cost to the great plus of having an oil primer that does not smell at all. Dry time of this primer can be worked around by applying two lighter coats.
  • Price – Average for oil primers

Zinsser Cover Stain Primer Review

  • Odor – The odor of this product is similar to other oil based primer products.
  • Blocking – Cover Stain does just that, it covers stains, especially with tannin bleed from various woods. Also works for all stains except extreme smoke damage.
  • Dry Time – 1-2 hours
  • Price – Slightly less than average

Zinsser BIN Primer

  • Odor – The odor is very strong but dissipates quickly. This is an alcohol based paint product. While the oder is very strong during application. A few open windows and a well placed fan will clear out the smell within a few hours or even minutes depending on air flow. The smell does not stick around like oil.
  • Blocking – Blocking is amazing. Even the most permanent pen and marker stains will cover with BIN primer.BIN even blocks the most severe smoke damage and tannin bleed that will not cover with oil primer.
  • Dry Time – Dry time is lightening fast! No other primer will dry this fast even in humid and cool environments.
  • Price – More than average primers
  • *Not Recommended For Exterior Use

E-Excellent   G-Good   NR-Not Recommended

zinsser primer selection


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