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Published on November 22nd, 2015 | by Grant Barnard


Is Sherwin Williams Ovation & Showcase Same As Super Paint & Duration

Sherwin Williams now offers paint at Lowe’s. This is a big step for Sherwin Williams as any other paints that they make for big box store are not as forwardly marketed with the Sherwin Williams brand as they have with Showcase and its lessor sidekick Ovation.  Although the two were basically designed and formulated for Lowe’s, Sherwin still carries these product in their store with very little excitement to actually push the product from the commercial sores. I’ll explain why this is later on.

Grants Painting uses paint from all manufacturers and re-sellers. There is truly no “do it all” paint. Every paint is formulated differently. It all comes down to the expectations you have for your home painting project. How you expect the paint to perform and how it actually performs is what determines the value, not what the store put on the label or flyer. The value of the product is specific to you and YOUR needs.

Many have said that Sherwin Williams Super Paint is the same as Ovation. Likewise, the rumor mill also states that Showcase from Lowes is the same as Duration from Sherwin. Some of this may be true as the acrylic resins may be the same. However, more goes into a paint than just the acrylic resins. Kind of like a drink that says “100% fruit juice”, then in very small letters “…added to this product”. Good thing they didn’t add twice as much 50% diluted fruit juice.

Marketing – Implied Value

Material data sheets tell the true story. First you MUST be comparing apples to apples. This can be a very hard thing to do because paint manufacturers use many sneaky methods to make it difficult to compare products fairly. They prefer the “implied value”, meaning they will tell you it’s worth more and if you believe them then you win because you feel as though you’ve gotten the best value.


In our model we compared several of the data sheets for Ovation Semi Gloss Extra White & Super Paint Semi Gloss Extra White. Immediately we found that the PH is different and the composition of ingredients is also different. These two differences are actually perfectly aligned as the different cheaper ingredients are acid sensitive.  Super Paint and Duration have the better ingredients using more expensive ingredients and less calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is a very cheap additive that both make the paint brighter and thicker but compromises durability. Other options for thickness and brightness that are more expensive but do not compromise durability like calcium carbonate. Read more about this here.


It makes sense that Lowe’s would want these products made cheaper so that they could increase profit margin. Big box stores have so much overhead that it can be difficult to turn a profit. Plus homeowners are more concerned with the color coverage and thicker body that hides imperfections in the wall instead of long term durability. Durability is not obvious to the customer at all so they will never know the difference and they are happy paying for a product that makes the work easier. The problem with this logic is that there are products out there that both cover AND have durability at a reasonable price. With Ovation and Showcase there are three major companies turning a profit out of that cheaply made gallon of paint- HGTV, Lowe’s and Sherwin Williams. Bottom line is that the value just is NOT there for the homeowner with Sherwin Williams Showcase and Sherwin Williams Ovation.

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  • Roger Mellie

    You’re dead right. I tried the ovation and it really is cheap garbage.
    Ended up buying Pro Classic and it was worth the difference in price.

  • Reganite_1953

    I always hate it when a reviewer states that “this” product is inferior to “another” product, but never states what that “other” product is. So there are better products out there somewhere that are a better value.

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