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Published on June 26th, 2012 | by Grant Barnard


When To Use Which Masking Tape – Painter Tape Reviews

Are you asking what making tape to use? Well it depends on what you are doing. If your having troubles getting your painters tape to stick, read our article on Why Wont My Tape Stick.

What Masking Tape Is Best For Outside On Exterior Surfaces

Scotch Blue Painters Tape3M blue tape is the best all around tape for exterior jobs. It can usually stick to most surfaces and wont quickly become baked on to a surface like most ‘production tape’. To get tape to stick to brick or cement you can always use good duct tape. However 3m makes a ‘Hard To Stick Surfaces’ tape that will almost stick to anything. This tape is not the classic blue but is green. When applying masking tape on the exterior of the house always make real sure that all the moisture that may be in the cracks is fully dried. Masking tape is not made to be used on any kind of damp surface.

Scotch Hard To Stick Surfaces Painters TapeScotch Hard To Stick Painters Tape

This by far the best advancement in painters tape. This is the tape to use if you have a surface that the tape just wont stick to. It will even stick to cement as long as its not moist.

What Painters Tape Is Best To Paint A Perfect Line

Here you have two options. Frog Tape and 3M Edge Lock.

  • Frog tape

Frog TapeThis tape has a gel that seals a line over any uneven surface. Thus making your line absolutely leak free. This product has one major defect though. The adhesive gel is designed to activate with oxygen. It is more of a liquid when initially applied to the tape backing and then thickens up as it contacts with air. To prevent the adhesive from activating to soon the tape comes in a cost adding fancy packaging. If the tape roll is left outside of the package for more than few hours the gel can start to activate leaving the tape ruined.

  • 3M Edge Lock

This masking tape works very well. Although it will not stick to any surface that has any dust or greasy film. With contaminates NO tape will stick well. Be sure to either apply the tape BEFORE you sand any patches to prevent dust.

What Masking Tape Is Best For Design Techniques Such As Stripes

Often when we are doing stripes or accent walls we find ourselves having to tape over paint that has been applied within 24 or 36 hours. When doing this ALWAYS use a delicate surface tape. Today’s paint takes a full 30 days to cure and about 15 days to fully adhere to the wall. Regular tape can rip off the paint right off the wall causing a terribly difficult area to patch and repaint since it is on a tape line. Both Frog Tape and 3M make a good delicate surface tape. Delicate surface tape is really only for this as it really will only stick to a freshly painted surface.

What Is The Best Way To Mask Windows

The absolute best way is to use a masking tape gun or even a larger dispenser. This a dispenser that will give you a strip of paper with tape already applied to the paper and ready to place on the glass or other surface. Get a good dispenser – the cheap ones aren’t worth the frustration or the wasted supplies when it will not work properly. 3M makes a great on in the $35-40 range that is yellow with a black handle that can be positioned 3 ways. Don’t go for the grey and black hand maskers.

Tape That Will Stick To Anything – Heavy Duty All-Weather Duct Tape

Heavy Duty All-Weather Scotch Duct Tape

This tape will actually stick to cement that is slightly damp. This product works GREAT for covered cement patios or foundations that never seem to dry.


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