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Published on November 27th, 2013 | by Grant Barnard


Interior Paint Selection

Interior paint selections are as important as the applications itself. Using the best paint for each surface will not only be easier, it will last longer too. Here is a comparison of a few product lines that will dramatically increase your interior painting results. For residents in the Indianapolis Metro, contact Grants Painting for your Interior Painter.

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  • PPG 400 Series Caulk – The 400 series caulk has super adhesion and flexibility. It spreads the smoothest by far of any other caulk on the market.
  • PPG 250 Series Caulk – This is a very good economical choice. The highlight of this caulk is that you can paint over it almost right away.
  • PPG 200 Series Caulk – 200 Series Caulk is great for kitchens and baths for two reasons: 1. The chemical makeup of the caulk allows for extreme water abuse. 2.  There are more colors to choose from and the colors stay very opaque and vibrant which allows for caulking around counters after the paint job instead of before. The 200 also spreads out quite well allowing for a smooth even line.

Interior Primer

  • PPG Speedhide PVA – Like most PVA’s, it seals the surface great. Speedhide PVA also has phenomenal coverage even on raw drywall. PVA’s do dry with a slight shean so they dont help with dark colors.
  • Seal Grip Acrylic Universal Primer – This is the best primer for most problems except marker and makeup.  Its a must if your topcoats are rich colors or a satin, semi-gloss, or full gloss paints.

Best Interior Wall Paints

  • PPG Speedhide – This paint covers and spreads even in darker colors amazingly, and at half the cost of other paints with the same performance. It is however not the most durable but is extremely economical because you need much lees paint.
  • PPG High Hide – High Hide does exactly that, it covers small dings and minor imperfections. Very good mid-option paint.
  • PPG Silkin Touch – This is by far the most durable wall paint. In fact, the semi-gloss and gloss make a great trim and door paint.

Interior Ceiling Paints

  • PPG Porter Ceiling Paint – This is the best ceiling paint for all situations unless there are extreme stains.
  • Zinser 2-in1 Ceiling Paint – Although very expensive, this paint will cover stains that many other ceiling paints wont cover.

Interior Trim Paints

  • PPG Silkin Touch – Silkin Touch makes a great trim paint that is very easy to work with.
  • PPG Advantage 900 – Adv. 900 is more difficult to brush and roll but sprays out with ease and leaves a durable and beautiful interior trim.
  • PPG Breakthrough – PPG Breakthrough is almost impossible to brush and roll. It is even a bit difficult to spray. However nothing will bond and form a more durable surface better than the Breakthrough.

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  • Anonymous

    What if there are several layers of paint on the walls

    • Grant Barnard

      Amy- Right?
      It depends if the topcoat is oil or water based paint. Several layers are never good, but you can certainly use the same paints listed here. If you cannot tell- lightly sand and use an alkyd primer like Seal Grip Universal Alkyd Primer(oil based). Then you can paint over that with anything as long as it dries fully first.
      Thanks for using our free blog!

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