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Published on February 9th, 2013 | by Grant Barnard


How To Prep The Exterior Of Your House

Exterior House Painting

Easy Steps For Exterior Prep

Prepping the exterior of your home is more important than the paint that you choose. The best exterior paints will still fail in many ways under situations that require prep work. You will not find a paint and primer in one that scrapes and sand the already failed exterior paint. Exterior prep work is the most important start to every exterior paint job.

There is nothing worse than putting forth the effort into an exterior paint job and then having it fail right away or shortly down the road.

There are many types of paint failures and even more causes. The types of exterior paint failures fall into a few categories. There are bubbles, peeling, and chalking. Causes generally are moisture, chalking, heat and sun, and improper paint system usage.

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First Step Of Preparing The Exterior Of Your Home

The first step is to caulk any deep and open areas that water could get into. This done BEFORE the power washing so that the water will not penetrate into any area where the moisture will ruin the paint or caulk. Not everything needs to be caulked at this point, only the “functional” applications and not the aesthetic application.

Second Step To Preparing The Exterior Of Your House

The second step is power washing. This step is KEY. The old finish on your home is probably chalking. Chalking is oxidation that MUST be removed. TSP is the best way to remove chalking and its cheap too. Eye protection is needed as the TSP will irritate any tissue especially your eyes. Eye protection is needed during any power washing anyway. TSP can also be used with bucket and a brush too. With a strong mixture of TSP it will take very little scrubbing to remove the oxidation.

Step Three Of The Correct Process Of Preparationfive in one painters tool

Step three is the hands on part. This is where you will scrape, sand, and remove any caulk and paint that is failing. There are many scrapers that you can use. None of these tools will be flexible. Scrapers with large handles and carbine tips work well for scraping wainscoting. Most professional painters will use a 5-in-1 tool for most of the scraping. The tool has many facets that allow for most of your scraping needs

Final Step Of Preparing Before You Paint

The final step of preparing your home for paint is to caulk and spot prime. It is important to use top quality caulk. We use products from Tower Sealants available at PPG Porter Paints. Spot Prime any bare wood or problem areas whether or not you will being priming and  two coating or just applying two coats without a primer.  Since these are areas have already peeled or in some way or failed, using the best acrylic exterior primer is advised.

Then Paint The Exterior Of Your Home And Choose Your Exterior Colors.

I encourage anyone to ask questions or give your story below. Thanks for reading!

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