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Published on December 9th, 2012 | by Grant Barnard


How To Patch A Hole Before Painting

Patching Interior Walls

Patching a hole in a wall is difficult for most DIY’ers. Especially when there are SO MANY different types of spackling, putty, mud. Repairing nail holes are very simple since they aren’t big enough to show. However fixing larger holes can be difficult, especially if you are not using the best type of spackling or mud.


What Patching Materials Are There?

  • Putty – Putty comes in dry and premixed. It is the most diverse product. It comes in a Mid Weight and a heavier Hard Putty. It generally will shrink less but not dry quickly in larger repairs. Also it will need to be flush filled and NOT overfilled because sanding will be very difficult.
  • Lightweight Spackling – This is that fluffy stuff that comes in products such as One Time Spackling. It is actually very light in weight compared to a putty.
  • Pre-Mixed Lightweight All Purpose – Lighter weight versatile pre mixed product
  • Pre-Mixed All Purpose – This is commonly used as “taping” or “bedding” mud
  • Pre-Mixed Topping – This is a very easy to sand and paints better than All-Purpose mud
  • Quick Set Joint Compound – This comes dry in bags. There are several levels of set time including 5 min, 20 min, 45 min and 90 min. They also come in an Easy Sand(white bag) and Durabond(brown bag)
  • NEW* Sheetrock now makes a low dust mud. It still creates about the same amount of dust, the dust simply falls to the floor quicker without floating around so much. Its not magic but anything that helps is worth the extra buck.

What Patching Materials Are Best ForPatching Compounds

  • Hard Putty – Hard putty is great for fixing areas such as corners that are prone to being damaged.
  • Lightweight Spackling – Spackling is great for nail holes. Although it will flash, nail holes are generally too small to notice.
  • Pre-Mixed All Purpose – This is what is says, easy to use and works for everything. The “Jack of All Trades and Master of None”
  • Pre-Mixed Lightweight All Purpose – Same as above just easier to sand.
  • Pre-Mixed Topper – Also called Topping. This is very easy to sand flat and soakes up the paint less and pocks less. It is commonly used for texture but should be used on the last coat to finish anything but hard putty. However it CANNOT be used to tape or when drywall paper is exposed.
  • Quick Set Easy Sand Mud – This is the equivalent of Lightweight Pre-Mixed Mud but cannot be used for taping very well
  • Quick Set Durabond Mud – This is much like Hard Putty but won’t take 24hrs to dry. One use for this is to be used for the taping of a room that is prone to moisture damage such as a sun room or garage.

How To Patch Areas To Receive Eggshel, Satin, Semi-Gloss or Gloss Paint

  1. Start with your choice of repair product. Patch the imperfection flush several times. If sagging does occur… Simply scrape off the excess BEFORE it dries by sliding the mud knife like an actually knife and cutting the extra off. Then sand and fill flush again after it dries and shrinks.
  2. After it dries it should shrink up a bit. Fill it flush one more time with a thinner mix of mud.
  3. Overfill the area just slightly with Topper or softer putty and sand.
  4. Prime and Paint. If you notice the damage still shows through then repeat a thin mix. Shiny primers will seal better but the flat primers will sand down. Read Types of Primers and Interior Paint Selection for more information

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