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Published on December 10th, 2012 | by Grant Barnard


How To Paint Kitchen Cabinets DIY

Indianapolis Painted Kitchen Cabinets.Painting kitchen cabinets can turn a horrible kitchen into a beautiful kitchen. This can be done for pennies on the dollar compared to getting new cabinets.  Many looks can be achieved from flat to shiny or natural colors to modern contemporary colors. This is a step by step method to changing your kitchen into the kitchen of your dreams. It’s actually quite easy to paint kitchen cabinets.

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How To Prep The Cabinets

  1. Clean the cabinets of all surface dirt and remove the hardware. Denatured alcohol works wonders for cleaning any grease or grime on the cabinets.
  2. Sand all of the cabinet surfaces taking special care on areas that will receive wear. Use 120 first and then a higher grit if needed to smooth out any lines.
  3. Prime the cabinets. Here you have the choice of going with waterborne or oil primer. A good oil primer that is sandable is the best choice. If you would rather go with waterborne paint, pick the best bonding primer that you can find and be sure to sand everything the best that you can.
  4. Apply the topcoat to the cabinets. Use a small roller that is shed resistant and use only the softest brush to prevent brush marks. Work in a small area to make sure that the brush lines will be rolled over. Sand lightly with 240 grit or higher for glossier paints.

Paint And Primer In One Option For Cabinet Painting

Usually we never suggest a paint and prime in one (2-in-1-paint) for anything. However there is a great option for cabinets that are not already very dark and being painted very light. The surface must be totally sanded down but not into the actual wood(usually pressed wood). Once the surface is dulled you can use PPG Breakthrough to paint the kitchen cabinets with an airless sprayer only. We use a smaller 3 or 410 fine finish tip with quite a bit of pressure. Then apply coats to the cabinets very thinly. Once the cabinets are almost fully covered, a thicker more even coat will be needed to achieve a very even sheen on the cabinets, especially the cabinet doors.

What Paint To Use For Painting Cabinets

There are many paint systems that will work. We use Seal Grip Synthetic or Seal Grip Boding Primer. Then for a topcoat we use Glyptex WaterBorne Alkyd, Advantage 900, or PPG Breakthrough. The Glyptex WB will level out beautifully but takes an extra long time to dry. For a quick dry solution Advantage 900 and PPG Breakthrough will actually be more durable but Breakthrough must be sprayed on. We would also consider PPG Silken Touch to be an acceptable solution if the cabinets will not receive heavy wear. We usually recommend a satin finish as it looks much better for the average cabinet surface.

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