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Published on February 18th, 2013 | by Grant Barnard


How To Choose Exterior Paint Colors

Picking exterior paint color combinations is easier than you might think. There are simple hard and fast rules that can lead you in the right way of choosing your exterior colors. Choosing proper colors can create stunning results. You can simply extract the colors that are already there and always get a home run. These considerations won’t make you the trend setter but also won’t make you the sore thumb.

The Factors To Choosing Exterior Colors

Consider Your Neighbors House

Always consider what exterior color choices that your neighbors are going with. Many neighborhoods will even have an association that will approve exterior color changes. We have found that if you are not extremely outstanding from the neighbors, the associations don’t generally have too much to say in opposition of your exterior colors.

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 Consider The Architectural Style

Architectural style is huge in picking an exterior color scheme. There are many types of homes that were meant to have certain color themes or trends. Victorians, Tudors, and Colonials are types of homes that history dictates the color or color choices and themes of a home. There is nothing that would stick out more than a Colonial house painted with the many bright and deep toned colors that you could expect to see on Victorians.

Pull Exterior Colors From The Surroundings

  • Neighbors Exterior Colors – You do not want to go with you neighbors exterior house colors. However further houses in the near vicinity may be good inspiration for colors. This tactic is great for creating color inspiration that you may not have previously thought about.
  • Roof Shingle Colors – Roof shingles may appear to be grayish or another neutral color from afar. Up close there are many different colors specks in the shingles. Choosing from these tiny dots of color can take a good eye for color but is a SURE bet for a great color choice.
  • Brick Colors – Like roofing shingles, brick will also have an array of colors to choose from. Colors can really accent a brick home beautifully.
  • Landscape – Landscape can be inspiration for color too. Trees and plants of certain colors can really add a dynamic to the total surroundings of a house. If you have favorite plant colors, be sure that those colors will accent your exterior color choice.

Light, Dark, and Accent Colors

Light colors will make homes appear larger while dark colors can hide areas making the home appear smaller. Just like in the interior of your home. Dark colors can be used as accents to add dynamic to existing architectural features. Accents colors are your chance to have a little daring fun, so have your fun.

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