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Published on November 29th, 2014 | by Grant Barnard


Figuring How Many Gallons Of Interior Paint To Purchase

Figuring how much paint to use can be a very difficult choice even for the best interior painters.

Follow these rules to ensure that you achieve the best paint job while not over-purchasing the amount of paint that you will need. Several things attribute to needing more than the average 350 sq ft coverage. Some paint will spread farther and others will cover dark or opposite colors better. Grants Painting is the best Indianapolis Painters and conducts 200+ interior painting projects a year so you can trust that our estimations are correct. Grants Painting, 5508 Elmwood Ave Suite #320 Indianapolis IN, 317-800-4540

  1. Darker colors MUST be rolled with the same paint that the wall is cut in. You can do this by “boxing” the paint for the final coat. The first coat will not matter, only the final one.
  2. The second coat will always take less paint.
  3. Changing from a flat paint to a satin or semi gloss will always require two coats with ANY paint.

Two Things That Will Change Your Paint Coverage

  1. The product line that you are using will change your coverage.
  2. The coating currently on the wall will change how much paint you will need for the first coat coverage considerably. Is it builders grade paint that you’ll be painting over? Or, is it a high quality eggshell or satin finish?

Review Of Paints That Go The Extra Mile

  1. PPG Speedhide – We use the speedhide eggshell the most. This paint will cover even the dark reds in just two coats. For the price point of this paint you will find no other better coverage. Over previously painted eggshell+ paint you will get 400+sq ft every time.
  2. SW ProMar 200 – Sherwin Williams makes this paint. The paint goes as far as the speedhide but is not as opaque so, don’t expect a dark red to not peak through a white just a little bit, it will need a third coat. The benefits are the sq ft spread and it still levels out and gives a decent durable finish.
  3. SW Cashmere – The Cashmere is a Sherwin Williams product. Cashmere takes the cake because it combines the spread-ability to cover large sq ft area with the same amount of interior paint AND you will get the durability with excellent adhesion. Cover any color with any color!

Room By Room Average Interior Paint Usages For 8′ Ceilings

Small Guest Bathroom – Builders Grade Paint – 1 gallon

Small Guest Bathroom – Previously Painted Eggshell+ or second coat – 1 gallon

22×16 Living Room – Builders Grade Paint – 2.5 gallons

22×16 Living Room – Previously Painted Eggshell+ or second coat – 1.5 gallons

Small Open Concept Living Room with large openings- Builders Grade Paint – 2 gallons

Small Open Concept Living Room with large openings  – Previously Painted Eggshell+ or second coat – 1 gallon

Large Bathroom – Builders Grade Paint – 2 gallons

Large Bathroom – Previously Painted Eggshell+ or second coat – 1 gallon

Small Bedroom – Builders Grade Paint – 2 gallons

Small Bedroom – Previously Painted Eggshell+ or second coat – 1 gallon

Now you should be able to figure the amount of paint that you’ll need! Comment below if you have any questions about how much interior paint to buy.

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