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Published on August 26th, 2015 | by Grant Barnard


Pittsburgh Grand Distinction Exterior Paint Review

Pittsburgh Paints makes Grand Distinction both an exterior and interior paint. Today we are reviewing ONLY the exterior paint. Here is the Grand Distinction Interior Paint Review.

Menards oh Menards. Is it true? Menards put out an ad that says “Best paint you’ll EVER BUY. Guaranteed or your money back!” Amazing claim! We’ve all heard claims like this but with a lot less backing and a lot more caveats. See the video below if you would like to hear it with your own ears.

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What An Amazing Claim From Menards On Grand Distinction

This is an amazing claim. However in the world we live in…

Now I only see this YouTube video and no other guarantee listed on Menards or displayed at any Menards that we purchase from. Pittsburgh Paints does offer the limited “lifetime warranty” which means about nothing.

Max Shield Technology

Max Shield Technology… Is it real? Or just marketing?

OK. Imagine a paint dork in a lab coat with a pocket protector, slightly overweight with pants that don’t fit anymore. NOW imagine a fast talking marketing guy in a pinstripe suit that fits perfectly. Which one would you imagine coming up with the idea of “Max Shield Technology”? Yes, the marketing guys came up with that little bit of magic.

So does Grand Distinction exterior paint shed dirt?

Of course it does! But it does because its an amazing leveled out thick paint that doesn’t just soak into wood or other substrates. Grand Distinction forms such a beautiful finish that it sheds dirt because its a smooth plastic like surface!


Final Review Of Grand Distinction Exterior Paint

  • Ease of Application A  Ease of application is generally referred to as flow in the paint industry. This mean how easily the paint goes from the paint pot to the brush and onto the paint surface.  
  • Leveling and Hiding A+ Leveling is simply how well the paint levels out. This is what contributes the ability to be hosed off really easily.
  • Dry Time B- Dry time is slower on this product. Initial dry to touch is normal with recoat time being normal without any flash off issues. Flash off issues occur when you recoat too soon and get a dull hazy finish. With this paint bonding and durability come a bit later in the curing process. Early on after the paint is dry to touch, there is still some temporary softness to the paint. This helps the paint achieve a glowing finish even with the novice painter.
  • Coverage A+Coverage is simply amazing. Although for a paint to perform as it is designed to, you MUST apply the correct amount of film thickness.


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