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Published on September 23rd, 2012 | by Grant Barnard


Does Paint Primer In One Work

This is one of those new questions raised by the innovations in paint. Does paint primer in one work? Just about all paint manufacturers have come out with a paint and primer in one paint. Behr, Valspar, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and now even PPG Porter Paints. Most people know of it by Behr’s commercials. They do amazing things with paint in these commercials when they always really happen in real life. Every heard the phrase “Jack of all trades, Master of none”?

How Do They Put Primer In Paint And Primer In One Paint?

Simply put… They don’t.   2 in 1 paint is chemically impossible (read on). Primer is made to seal stains and grip onto shiny surfaces. Topcoat paint is made to be tinted and provide durability. They are quite simply made of different components.  Not to say that some of it is not good paint because most of it is. The question is: Are you getting a value?

Is Paint And Primer In One Worth The Price?

Paint and primer in one is a marketing genius idea. Many paints were out long before this phenomenon that performed as well or  better. However it is the way of marketing consumer ‘big box’ store paint to the DIYer . Bottom line is that you should be using top quality paint to get the job done faster and with less coats. After all, your time is worth something to you.

Does 2 In 1 Paint Cover With One Coat?

Well they don’t tell you the truth. Sometimes it will serve you very well or at least as well as any paint manufactures top line paint. Below are instances where it will NOT work

  • These days in new homes, all builders generally use very cheap paint that is put on very thin. These walls should be primed and painted or at least double coated with good paint that is not over an eggshell finish. For a satin finish always use a separate primer.
  • Going to a shinier paint than a satin, or painting over anything shinier than a satin. To ensure an even sheen you always need a primer over builder grade paint.
  • When you paint. Do you hit every single spot or do you miss some? Of course you miss some. Even I do sometimes. So if you don’t hit every spot then it simply won’t cover in one coat.

Does Tintable Primer Work?

Typically tintable primer is not the best option. It can cause more flashing on patched areas than the same primer with no tint. The primer will work better with very little tint. Its best to go about halfway to your final color with darker colors and still apply two coats over the primer.

What Paint Systems Do We Suggest?

It’s hard to sum up which paint you’ll need in just a few sentences. Today’s paint is far and wide on what it can do. Some do this and some do that.  We use PPG Porter Porter paints which includes Olympic and others. Benjamin Moore and others make some good product too. Read Here on how paint at paint stores is different from those at big box stores. Read our article on Primers for more information.

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