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Published on March 13th, 2016 | by Grant Barnard


Do I Need To Prime The Exterior Of My Home

Priming the exterior of your house was a standard years ago. If you didn’t prime the exterior of your home before painting you could expect many issues. Nowadays, there are many options which leaves a lot to be considered for your exterior painting project.

Budget & Time

Budget and time are the biggest concerns when deciding to prime the exterior of your house. If budget and your time is not your concern then by all means prime your house’s exterior. If budget and time IS your concern then you’ll likely get more bang for your buck with two coat of good exterior paint.

Does Using Primers Improve Final Appearance

Using a primer improves the final product’s finish appearance. Primer seals the surface and that allows for the topcoat to better fill the surface. This also allows for an exterior paint that is shiny like a satin or semi-gloss to have a more even sheen.

Exterior Primers with Color Change

Do I need to use a primer to change the color on the exterior of my home? This is the question that everybody gets wrong. You will benefit from a primer if you are covering a very dark color with a very light color. Changing from a brown to tan or forest green to navy blue should be just fine without an exterior primer. However, if you are changing from a black to a white or a burgundy to a bright white you will need a primer. Changing colors from a light color to dark colors may take additional coats but a primer will NOT eliminate one of those coats or make the job last longer on previously painted surfaces.

Hiring A Professional Exterior House Painters ?

When hiring exterior house painters instead of painting your home’s exterior DIY, the decision to prime is more complicated because you are paying for labor and not just the exterior paint. Some of this will depend on how your exterior house painters price their work. Usually you will find that the expense that they need to charge will be higher than what the primer will benefit the longevity of the job.


Ultimately using a high quality primer on the exterior of your house is going to help. However, in most cases like previously painted exterior surfaces, you will find that two coats of a quality paint will serve you better in %95 of cases when considering your time and budget. This even holds true whether you are doing the job yourself or hiring the job out to professional exterior house painters.

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