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Grants Painting offers the best deck and fence care services in the Indianapolis Metro. Whether you have a new deck or fence or it is aged and dark grey. You can assure that Grants Painting will provide you with the best staining job available to you. You can choose from a solid color stain, semi transparent stain, or other less used solutions like translucent coatings, toners, and clear sealants. Grants Painting is the best deck and fence staining contractor in Indianapolis and the surrounding area.

Our Deck Staining and Fence Staining Guarantee

Stained Fence comparison to power washed and old wood fenceStaining decks and fences is a “one shot deal”. You get one shot to either make the deck or fence look great and seal correctly, or not. Grants Painting has the product knowledge to use to achieve the results that you want. With the expense of building a fence or deck, the last thing you want is to not get the stained look that you expect. Hire Grants Painting for your fence and deck staining needs. Our results are always spot on.

When it comes to deck and fence refinishing and staining, Grants Painting is your only choice. We have the tools and knowledge to bring you exactly what your deck or fence needs. Grants Painting will professionally complete your deck staining or fence staining better than any other staining contractor in Indianapolis Metro.

Fence and Deck Stain

There are so many deck and and fence stains on the market. It can be very difficult to choose the correct stain. Every product is different and different manufactures even have different outlooks on what these stain are supposed to be. Grants Painting has the product knowledge to deliver the best stained look on the market today while also providing the best product to seal and protect. When we will apply the stain to your deck or fence, it is with care and professionalism.  Decks and fences are very expensive to build. Protect it properly and have it look like you want it to look. Call Grants Painting Today or schedule your own estimate appointment online yourself.

Have A Deck That Looks As If There Is No HOPE?

We Can Fix It!    

Our Staining Process – Why Grants Painting Is Your Best Option

  1. We start with a mix of propitiatory cleaning solutions to remove the dirt and grime with less pressure than our competition. This cleans the fence to brand new condition.
  2. We very gently clean the entire deck, fence or pergola with our state of the art equipment.
  3. Then we neutralize the PH of the fence to be able to accept the stain properly so you get the longest lasting finish that any fence or deck staining contractor can possibly provide with today’s technology.
  4. We mask close bushes and flowers to be sure that they don’t get the same stain treatment as the deck or fence.
  5. The application process is also done with the best brushes and sprayers possible. Every inch of the wood is brushed in to achieve a beautiful stained finish that will last for years to come. Best yet, our warranty is a full no hassle warranty.

    Deck and Fence Staining Gallery

    This is our deck and fence staining picture gallery. Grants Painting provides fence and deck staining in Indianapolis, Fishers, Zionville, Westfield, and Greenwood. We use stains that are the best on the market. We can assure this not because we were sold snake oil from another, but because we understand on a chemical level what is best for your deck or fence.  The Acri Shield line of stains not only protect the wood from graying, they also completely seal the wood from moisture damage too. See the amazing results below. Not only is the wood stained beautifully, the wood is also sealed too.

    Carmel Deck Staining With TWP 1500 Oil Based Stain (Deck sealing)

    Indianapolis Deck Stripped – Stained With Semi Transparent Stain

    Indianapolis Fence Staining

    Solid Color Deck Stain

    Indianapolis Deck and Fence Stained With Semi Transparent

Types Of Deck and Fence Finishes Grants Painting Offers

        • Semi Transparent Stain
        • Semi Opaque Stain
        • Solid Color Stain (fully opaque)
        • Wood Toners and Clear Sealants
        • Translucent Coatings (log cabin look)

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