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Published on March 27th, 2014 | by Grant Barnard


Can I Use Self Priming 2 in 1 Paint On New Drywall

Interior painting raw drywallUsing self priming paint is certainly not the best idea but it can be done in a pinch. However, don’t expect the best results. In need of an Indianapolis painter? Grants Painting is in Indianapolis and ready to help you with your painting needs.

Why Seal The Bare Drywall ?

New bare drywall needs to be sealed to give a good finish. The problem with sealing the new drywall is that the mud lines seal very differently than drywall with paper over it. You see the same flashing issues with patching holes in drywall. Paint flashing is when you get a rough looking area with lower gloss. Primer prevents flashing from occurring.

What Paints To Use Over New Bare Drywall WITHOUT A Primer

Obviously you will need to use a paint that will do a great job on its own. Most of the high quality $30+ a gallon is going to get better results. Any paint that claims to be a “One Coat Coverage” will do the job, BUT Only With Two Coats!

Also, you need to consider gloss level. We do NOT suggest trying to use a satin paint without first using a primer to help give it an even gloss. Higher gloss paints will make it apparent that you did not use a primer.

We actually have found one lower priced paint that does a great job with going over bare drywall with the back roll method. Speedhide does a good job over drywall when applied thick. Silkin Touch is PPG’s top quality “2-in-1 paint” is also a great option.

What Techniques To Use While Painting Bare Drywall

Back rolling is a practice used by the best painting contractors. Back rolling is what achieves the best results WITH or WITHOUT PRIMER. Back rolling is taking an extra step to spread out the paint evenly. After you spread out your paint, go back over the last 4 to 6 feet while slowly rolling in one direction. Work quickly so the paint won’t tack up before you roll back over it. This spreads the paint back over the mud which sucks up paint about twice as fast.  Make sure that your first coat is put on as thick as possible so when you back roll, there will be enough paint to push back onto the mud areas.

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  • Great tips! There’s nothing like a new coat of paint to brighten the look of a home. I’m glad I came across this post because it’s a great guide for how to paint over drywall. Thanks for sharing!

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    How much,and what kind of paint i would need to paint a 2,000 sq. Ft. House interior. The ceilling is bare drywall and Lr,Fr,Dr, 2 bathrooms ,kitchen and 3 med. Size bedrooms. Want ceilling white,and bathrooms. Want all casings baseboard and doors whit. The walls all tan. And also a price having entire house orange peel texture????

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